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Early learning class
Early learning class
Early learning class
Early learning class
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Welcome to Early Learning

Early learning in ssp

The early years of childhood form the basis of intelligence, personality, social behavior, and capacity to learn as an adult. The early years matter because hundreds of connections in the brain are being formed every second! These connections build the brain and impact learning, behavior and health. Children who have Early Childhood/Preschool experiences enter kindergarten with improved school performance, higher math and language abilities; sharpened thinking/attention skills, and stronger interactions with peers and fewer behavior problems. Get ready for kindergarten with South St. Paul Early Learning!  

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Registration is open for preschool. Learn more about the FREE preschool options for 4-year-olds and low cost and scholarships options for ages 2.5 and up.

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Children who attend the Four-Year-Old Preschool may be eligible to ride the bus to school! If your family qualifies for bus transportation, your four-year-old preschooler could ride the bus to school by designating a “Bus Buddy.” 

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Free home visits to help you prepare for your new baby and/or help when the baby arrives. Visits may begin during pregnancy or soon after the baby's birth. 

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