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Childhood Screening


Schedule your visit: 651-457-9418

Screenings are held at the Family Education Center 104 5th Avenue South, South St. Paul, MN 55075. 

What is this visit for?

We care about the families in our community and we are excited to meet your family before your child starts school. This helps us learn about you and your child and help your child prepare for kindergarten. The visit is free and takes one hour. This is important for all children to do before turning 4 years old. 

Our goal is to meet and get to know every family with young children in our district before they turn 4 years old. Our staff are warm, caring and eager to help and talk to you.

Why is this visit important?

Our brains are always growing and making new connections. Making new connections in the brain helps us learn and succeed in life. Our brains grow the fastest when we are very young, up to age 4. The sooner we see you, the more we can offer you! You can get free tools and resources during your screening appointment.

Every child is different – we can help your child build on their strengths to get ready for school learning. Our brains grow new connections when we add new activities, new skills and new experiences.

How does this visit help my family?

How it helps your child:

  • Get their hearing, vision, height, and weight checked to make sure they are ready to learn
  • Find out more about how they play, communicate, and develop.
  • They go home with a free book!

How it helps you:

  • Learn about how your child is growing and developing.
  • Meet the friendly school staff in your district.
  • Go home with advice and support, and resources if needed.
  • We make a plan together to help your child be the best they can be. 

If needed, we can help you sign up for Early Childhood Family Education classes and Pre-School Scholarships (income guidelines apply).

3 year old during screening